What is trend of car display trend in the future?

With the rapid growing of technology, the application of car display have changed enormously during the past 10 years. More and more superior vehicle display provided enhance vehicle safety and comfort. Some country will publish related forced policy in commercial car GPS system, passenger car rearview sensor, and backup car camera, which boost the development and application of car dashboard touch screen display.

In terms of commercial vehicle, the main function of car display contains navigation and car entertainment system. In the future, dashboard touch screen display will show a steadily increasing trend, and the application of this device will increase in the high end light vehicle and heavy vehicle.  As China, Brazil and India market are sensitive to the cost of car as well as users’ demands for economic car, which will boost the development of car dashboard touch screen display market.

During the 2017 – 2022 period, it predicts CAGR (compound annual rate of growth) of 6-10 inch car display will be on the top. The application of car display in the light vehicle boost the increasing demands of car display. The application of 6 inch to 10 inch car display will be rising, and thes car display devices will be used in manufacturing advanced dashboard touch screen display with function of both multi media and navigation.

With the continuously improvement of advanced dashboard function, the application of 7 inch advanced dashboard car display will also increase in the future. And with the rapid development of electric vehicle and automatic driving car, the demand of 6-10 inch car display will increase too in the future.

It is not difficult to know, with government’s agreement and market’s demand, car display will have a great developing trend, but car manufacturer should believe a longer development needs better quality products and business integrity. China is one of biggest car manufacturing base, with a fairly good reputation in the whole world. So China’s car lcd display exporting business should increasing in the future too.

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