What are the requirements for definition in the car reversing camera?

What are the requirements for the definition of the car reversing camera? In general, the quality of the image with high definition will be better. Let’s explain it for you briefly as below:

The product with definition of 420 TVL lines has become the mainstream product of reversing camera in the market. If the 380 TVL line reversing camera is good after debugging, you can still use it; however, there are reversing camera with better image sensors, the definition of these reversing cameras can reach up to 480 TVL lines, 600 TVL lines, 700 TVL lines etc., depends of different image sensor grade, the difference in photosensitive elements, including the level of the commissioning technician.

Reversing cameras with same level of image sensor may still have different quality effects. It depends on what kind of lens is used, and the lens made of good materials will have a much better image rendering. On the contrary, the definition is higher, night vision effects of reversing camera will be discounted.

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