How to install the car reversing cameras correctly

To properly install the reversing camera, first remove the power supply connection at the vehicle battery and place the removed wiring away from the electrode to prevent the power supply from being accidentally connected. Then, determine the installation position of the car camera, generally divided into two types:

One type is installed in the position of the license plate light. This kind of installation is relatively easy. Just fix the camera to the position of the license plate light with the small screw provided in the camera accessory package. Adjust the fixing angle by iron piece or the gasket in the accessory, so that the camera achieves the best reversing angle of view, the line of the camera penetrates into the car through the gap of the license plate lamp, and is connected with the backup lamp power supply and the video extension cable. This type of reversing camera is a popular one. The appearance is more concealed and the installation is easier.

The other is a drilled installation that fits inside the bumper. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car. Because the bumper is a plastic part, the camera is also relatively easy to route.

Finally, connect the power cable of the camera to the power cable of the rear reversing light, and then connect the video cable of the camera to the video extension cable. The other end of the video extension cable is connected to the AV input of the car display to restore the battery power and start the car. By hanging up the reverse gear, you can see the reverse image on the car monitor.

Drivers should only rely on the rear view system when reversing the car, but only as an auxiliary tool for reversing; the car display must be properly connected. If the display does not provide an AV input, you must find the corresponding video cable or add a video switch so that the rear view image is displayed normally; do not easily connect the vehicle electrical power end directly to the car battery power supply to avoid instability of the power supply.

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