How to choose a quality car driving recorder ?

If you have selected a reliable brand to buy a car driving recorder, you need to focus on analyzing some product parameter before you purchasing a driving recorder, such as shooting angle, resolution of picture, compressed format, caching, and we also need to know whether the video recorder can be closed manually; whether it can record a video normally at emergent situation; whether no jamming to other electric products and whether the purchasing include card etc.

Shooting angle

The shooting angle is 100 degree for ordinary driving recorder, which is basically  enough to make sure shooting the two side lane of vehicle. Of course, bigger angle is better, and the cost is more expensive too.

Resolution of picture

Generally video resolution  is 1280 * 720 pixel , which can ensure take a clear picture for license plate in ahead, and license plate of side lane will be a little vague in the driving recorder. In addition, the photosensitive ability of CMOS chip in driving recorder and the quality of lens’ glass is connected with the shooting effect at night.

Compressed format

Most of driving recorder use compressed format H.264 .  Without a good compressed format may losing frame, which require bigger storage capacity and higher reading speed of memory card. The size of 1 minute fragment of 720p resolution H.264 compression is about 60MB. In terms of drivers, it is helpful to choose a reasonable recording interval and volume for providing accident evidence in time, and 1 minutes as a interval time is appropriate.


A bigger volume of cache can bring smoother video and better memory card compatibility.

Emergency video

If there is a important video you want to save, and the driving recorder also need to shoot video constantly,  which cause the important video will be deleted at the same time, to solve this situation, there is a emergency video design for keeping a special video,  so that if you just press a key manually, you can force the video to be saved without being automatically deleted when the card is full. Automatic emergency recording video is  use gravity sensor, it will automatically protect this video without being automatically covered and deleted during monitoring  a violent vibration on car, this function will be useful for vehicle collides.

Shielding measures

In order to decrease the cost of products, the copycat products always do not take any shielding measures and without strict test for their products, which will cause this products disturb some electronic products, such as GPS navigation  , remote control, audio, tire pressure meter, and driving computer, etc.

Whether the purchasing include memory card

Driving video recorder with high definition picture,  always has a big volume up to hundreds MB per minute, so that there will be a strict request for reading speed of memory card, and  I advise driver purchase a superior speed memory card, because the slow speed memory card driving recorder is easy to be out of work.

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